New York Remnants of Hurricane Ida

New York

ઘટનાનો સમયગાળો: Sep 1, 2021 - Sep 3, 2021

تاريخ التبليغ عن الكارثة: : Sep 5, 2021

Now Closed: Period to Apply for Disaster Assistance

alert - warning

The last day for individuals and families to apply for assistance after this disaster has passed. You are no longer able to begin a new claim.

To check the status on a previously submitted claim, visit

I Applied for Assistance. What's Next?

You will receive notification letters from FEMA either by U.S. mail or by electronic correspondence. You may need to verify your identity or complete a home inspection. All inspections will be conducted by phone due to COVID-19 and the need to protect the safety and health of our workforce and survivors.

Volunteer and Donate

Recovery can take many years after a disaster. There are many ways to help such as donating cash, needed items, or your time. Learn more about how to help those in need.

"Help After a Disaster"

Translated into 27 languages, the "Help After a Disaster" brochure is a tool that can be shared in your community to help people understand the types of FEMA assistance that may be available to support individuals and families in disaster recovery.

Download Brochures

Doing Business with FEMA

If you are interested in providing paid services and goods for disaster relief, visit our Doing Business with FEMA page to get started.

સ્થાનિક સંસાધનો

સ્થાનિક સમાચાર અને મીડિયા

સમાચાર અને મીડિયા  ઇવેન્ટ્સ, ફેક્ટ શીટ્સ, પ્રેસ રિલીઝ અને અન્ય મલ્ટિમીડિયા સ્રોતો માટેના પૃષ્ઠની મુલાકાત લો.

ભંડોળની જવાબદારીઓ

વ્યક્તિગત સહાય Amount
કુલ આવાસ સહાય (HA) - ડોલર મંજૂર થયા છે $175,441,555.03
કુલ અન્ય જરૂરિયાત સહાય (ONA) - ડોલર મંજૂર થયા છે $19,769,308.17
કુલ વ્યક્તિગત અને પારિવારિક કાર્યક્રમ ડોલર મંજૂર થયા છે $195,210,863.20
Individual Assistance Applications Approved 39806
સુધાર્યુ જાન્યુઆરી 18, 2022