Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Shelter and Services Program (SSP) Key Changes

Release Date:
April 12, 2024

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This document addresses Key Changes related to the Shelter and Services Program (SSP). Applicants should refer to the SSP – Allocated and SSP – Competitive Notices of Funding Opportunity for full details and application requirements. 

Service Allowability Window

In FY 2023, the allowable window for entities to provide services to noncitizen migrants was 45 days after they were released by DHS. In the FY 2024 SSP NOFOs, there is no service window limitation. 

Acceptable A-Number Margin of Error 

DHS recognizes there is a high potential for error when collecting this amount of data. As such, DHS instituted an acceptable margin of error (error rate of less than 5 percent) for Alien Registration Number (A-Number) reporting via SSP’s A-Number Template. 

IRS-990 Form Submission

To minimize recipient burden, DHS will no longer require SSP recipients to submit subrecipients’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax Form 990 (990) in FEMA Grants Outcomes. When applicable, recipients must continue to collect subrecipients’ 990 forms to have on file. 

Application Improvements

The application worksheet has been restructured from the FY 2023 worksheet to support recipients input and justify budgets. For additional information, please see Section D.10 Content and Form of Application Submission of the FY 2024 SSP NOFOs.

Amendment Requests and Budget Revisions

Recipients may request amendments to transfer or redistribute all or part of their grant funds from uses specified in their original application to other uses within the grant scope. Additionally, recipients may amend their budgets at any time during the Period of Performance. 

Allowable Costs Clarifications

DHS provides additional details to the following allowable costs:

  • Shelter per diem is available on the first through the last day of any multiday stay.
  • Cell phone plans and internet plans can be included with utility costs.

Transportation Capacity Decrease 

The recommended capacity specified for charter buses (and other forms of grouped transportation capacity) has decreased to a minimum average of 66%. The capacity was specified at a recommended 75% in FY 2023.

Funding Caps

DHS removed the hotel/motel and onward destination funding caps. There was a 10% funding cap on both in FY 2023.

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