External Stakeholder Working Group: Years in Review

This collection of ESWG Year in Review documents showcases the group’s accomplishments and how its members are enhancing mitigation efforts to grow nationwide resilience.

ESWG 2022 Year in Review

In 2022, the work of External Stakeholder Working Group (ESWG) members focused on four main priorities: connect the ESWG to Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) priorities; advance equity by making sure that underserved communities have a voice; foster deeper connections with alumni; and recruit new members.

ESWG 2021 Year in Review

In 2021, the work of ESWG members focused on four main priorities: further developing workstreams; fostering deeper connections with alumni; equipping ESWG members to be well informed ambassadors for HMA; and creating more opportunities for collaboration and interaction among ESWG members outside of quarterly meetings.

ESWG 2020 Year in Review

During 2020, ESWG members worked on projects such as: creating simplified FEMA grant tools and materials to reduce the complexity of the HMA grant application process for locals and tribes; conducting exploratory research about Acquisitions; and developing a suite of materials to lower the barriers to entry for subrecipients to apply for Public Assistance Mitigation funding in order to increase nationwide demand for mitigation.

ESWG 2019 Year in Review

Throughout 2019, ESWG members engaged with their communities and peers to get an accurate sense of relevant and current stakeholder issues in order to then convey these messages to FEMA. Read the report to learn about the many projects they moved forward.

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