Field Leadership

The Field Leadership Cadre (Federal Coordinating Officers, Chiefs of Staff, Analytics Advisor, Executive Specialists) leads the federal response and recovery effort and is responsible for assuring that all federal assistance is provided in accordance with the Presidential Disaster Declaration, laws, regulations, agreements and policies. The Cadre makes initial appraisals of types of relief most urgently needed, establishes necessary field offices, and coordinates the response, recovery and mitigation support to state and local governments, and nonprofit and relief organizations.

As responsible stewards of federal resources, the Field Leadership Cadre applies data and analysis to drive responsive decision making to reduce the administrative and bureaucratic burdens that imped impacted individuals and communities from quickly receiving the assistance they need.  The Field Leadership Cadre uses the Outcome Driven Recovery process that promotes unity of effort among all stakeholders to identify recovery needs, visions, goals, and comprehensive solutions. This approach supports state, local, tribal, and territorial governments in developing the capability to plan for, manage, and execute community-based and holistic long-term recovery solutions.


  • Experience serving in a senior leadership position in an Incident Command structure
  • Experience Leading and managing significant numbers of staff in a range of demanding emergency situations
  • Integrating resources into a unified or combined approach to respond to and recover from any type of disaster, emergency, or event
  • Proven problem solving and crisis communication skills in a politically sensitive environment
  • Leading and developing strategic objectives within a multi-stakeholder environment to achieve desired outcomes
  • Experience working as an administrative professional assisting a high-level senior executive
  • Experience implementing administrative policies and programs
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