FY 2009 Port Security Grant Program

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The FY 2009 PSGP provides grant funding to port areas for the protection of critical port infrastructure from terrorism. PSGP funds are primarily intended to assist ports in enhancing maritime domain awareness, enhancing risk management capabilities to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from attacks involving improvised explosive devices, weapons of mass destruction  and other non-conventional weapons, as well as training and exercises and Transportation Worker Identification Credential  implementation.

Eligibility and Funding

Total Funding Available in FY 2009: $388,600,000

Seven port areas have been selected as Group I (highest risk) and forty-eight port areas have been selected as Group II. Ports not identified in Group I or II are eligible to apply as a Group III or "All Other Port Areas" applicant.  Under a fifth group eligible ferry systems may also apply for funding. “All Other Port Areas” within Group I, II or III are allowed to receive grant funds from their geographically proximate higher Group if the project has regional impact across the entire port area, but not from both funding groups for the same project.  Eligible ferry systems identified in the FY 2009 Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) Guidance that elect to participate and receive funds under the FY 2009 TSGP cannot participate in the PSGP.

Additional Information

  • Investment Justification Template (DOC 85 KB)
  • Budget Template (DOC 48 KB)
  • Guidance and App Kit (PDF 287 KB, TXT 116 KB)
  • FY09 PSGP FAQs (PDF 49 KB, TXT 6KB)

Historical PSGP Guidance

  • FY 2008 PSGP Information
  • FY 2007 PSGP Guidance and Application Kit (PDF 358 KB, TXT 145 KB )
  • FY 2006 PSGP Guidance and Application Kit (PDF 848 KB, TXT 306 KB )
  • FY 2005 PSGP Guidance and Application Kit (PDF 278 KB, TXT 70 KB )
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