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Supplemental Payments for Lost Wages

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La période de l'incident COVID-19 s'est terminée le 11 mai 2023. La FEMA continuerade fournir une assistance funéraire jusqu'au 30 septembre 2025 à ceux qui ont perdu des êtres chers en raison de cette pandémie.

Lost wages assistance increased the amount of money states can provide to unemployed Americans without significantly increasing the cost for states to offer unemployment insurance.

This assistance was intended to help people support themselves and their families as they look for work. The extra $300 per week helped those struggling with unemployment to buy school supplies for their children, put food on the table and possibly prevent eviction.

The deadline to apply for lost wages assistance was September 10, 2020.

Visit our Lost Wages Supplemental Payment Assistance Guidelines page for detailed information about the application process, eligibility, cost share information, additional weekly lost wages payment requests, reporting requirements and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


To help meet the needs of the American people, the FEMA Administrator was authorized to award grants to state and territory governments to administer supplemental payments for lost wages in accordance with Section 408 (e)(2) of the Stafford Act (42 U.S.C. 5174 (e)(2)) and 44 C.F.R. §206.119(c)(6)(ii) for major disasters declared by the President pursuant to section 401 of the Stafford Act (42 U.S.C§ 5170) for COVID-19.

President Trump authorized FEMA to use Stafford Act disaster relief funds to provide supplemental payments for lost wages. Up to $44 billion in Disaster Relief Funding is available to support this initiative.


For grants to be awarded to a state or territory, the governor must have agreed to:

  • The cost sharing requirement of 42 U.S.C. § 5174(g)(2).*
  • Administer supplemental payments for lost wages in conjunction with the state unemployment insurance system or agency.
  • Use existing policies and process for adjudicating appeals from individuals seeking benefits.
  • Recover improperly provided payments.

* States or territories must have demonstrated their 25 percent of the cost share was provided from non-federal funds or federal funds that are authorized to be applied toward this cost share.

A state’s or territory’s delivery of supplemental payments for lost wages was contingent upon an approval of a state’s administrative plan, which describes the partnership between FEMA and the state or territory for delivering assistance.

Once approved for lost wages assistance and funds were obligated, states or territories may have provided supplemental lost wages payments to eligible individuals retroactively back to August 1, 2020.

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Get more information on the assistance process and eligibility.

Apply for Assistance

The deadline to apply for lost wages assistance was September 10, 2020.

Applications were submitted through There were several required forms and attachments, including a State Administrative Plan and FEMA Form 010-0-11.

After Approval

Upon receiving approval and an initial grant award, state and territories will be required to submit weekly reports to FEMA.

States and territories may also submit requests for additional weeks of grant funding.

Contact Us

States and territories with questions about the grant and how to administer the program can contact the FEMA Individuals and Households Help Desk at Individuals inquiring about supplemental lost wages payments should contact their state unemployment office.