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National Level Exercise 2022

National Level Exercise 2022 logos

National Level Exercise (NLE) 2022 will focus on a simulated catastrophic earthquake caused by a rupture along the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault in the Pacific Northwest, and includes subsequent tsunamis, aftershocks and a Spill of National Significance (SONS). 

NLE 2022 leverages a modular exercise design that focuses on both response and recovery. The response module of the exercise would focus on stabilization of community lifelines within impacted states with specific emphasis on the core capabilities of operational coordination, situational assessment, infrastructure systems, environmental response/health and safety, critical transportation, and mass care. The recovery module of the exercise would focus on transitioning from sheltering to housing, economic recovery and result in the development of a recovery strategy manageable by the state(s) and executable locally with adequate federal support.

NLE 2022 will build on Cascadia Rising 2016, a regional disaster response exercise, and examine new plans and progress made in the intervening years.

“I would like to thank the state emergency management directors in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho for their leadership in this area,” said FEMA Administrator Gaynor when announcing the selection of NLE 2022. “A large, 9.0-magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Northwest could become, in just minutes, one of the most catastrophic disasters our nation has ever seen. National Level Exercises like this are critical to building a nationwide culture of preparedness and ensuring our readiness for the most severe threats and hazards we face today.”

NLE 2022 is scheduled to occur in the spring of 2022 and represents a key step towards achieving FEMA’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.