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Louisiana Hurricane Delta


Période de l’incident: oct 6, 2020 - oct 10, 2020

Date de déclaration: oct 16, 2020

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"Help After a Disaster" Brochures

Translated into 27 languages, the "Help After a Disaster" brochure is a tool that can be shared in your community to help people understand the types of FEMA Individual Assistance support that may be available in disaster recovery.

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Direct Temporary Housing

The road to recovery for many Hurricane Laura and Delta survivors includes placement into temporary housing units.

A graphic of a road map explaining the direct temporary housing program for private sites from approval to move-in

Damage to the existing housing stock in Southwest Louisiana from hurricanes Laura and Delta severely limited the availability of alternative housing options for households whose homes were destroyed or made unlivable due to major damage. To help meet the housing needs, FEMA’s Direct Housing Program was implemented. FEMA prefers to place temporary housing units on individual private property owned by the applicant to keep households in their community and near their jobs, schools, churches and friends, while they rebuild their homes and lives. But the process of placing temporary units on properties takes time; Each installation is a construction project.

The road to recovery for many Hurricane Laura and Delta survivors includes placement into temporary housing units, many of which are located in commercial parks.

DR-4559/4570 Direct Housing: Commercial Sites Graphic

Hurricanes Laura and Delta battered areas of Louisiana where available housing was already limited. To help meet the housing needs, as part of the Direct Temporary Housing Program, FEMA has identified a number of commercial parks with available pads throughout the affected areas to temporarily house displaced residents.

How To Help


Recovery will take many years after a disaster. Cash is the best way tohelp those in need.

Assistance for Multiple Disasters

When there are two or more disasters declared for the same designated area, FEMA works to ensure applicants receive all eligible help while preventing duplication of federal benefits. This will be the case for families affected by both Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

Read more on what Hurricane Laura survivors already registered with FEMA should do if impacted by by Hurricane Delta.


Our teams are working hard to support state and local partners in response to Hurricane Delta. Visit our media collection to see more of their support in action.

Comment aider

Faites du bénévolat et faites un don

La récupération peut prendre de nombreuses années après une catastrophe. Il existe de nombreuses façons d'aider, par exemple en faisant un don d'argent, d'articles nécessaires ou de votre temps. En savoir plus sur la façon d'aider les personnes dans le besoin.

Faire des affaires avec la FEMA

Si vous souhaitez fournir des services et des biens payants pour les secours en cas de catastrophe, visitez notre  page Faire des affaires avec FEMA pour commencer.

Obligations de financement

Aide individuelle Amount
Aide totale au logement (AP) - en dollars approuvés $35,870,452.46
Total des autres besoins d'aide (ONA) - Dollars approuvés $10,972,172.40
Total des dollars du programme pour les particuliers et les ménages approuvés $46,842,624.86
Demandes d'aide individuelle approuvées 11555
Assistance publique Amount
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $61,310,239.83
Permanent Work (Categories C-G) - Dollars Obligated $35,934,754.99
Total Public Assistance Grants Dollars Obligated $102,225,395.55
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Amount
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) - Dollars Obligated $3,087,100.00