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Flood Publications: Community Planning and Policy

Below are links to the FEMA Library records for flood publications of interest for Community Planning and Policy.


Damage Assessment Tools




Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) Tool

FEMA P-784


Design and Construction Guidance




Safer, Stronger, Smarter: A Guide to Improving School Natural Hazard Safety

FEMA P-1000

Selecting Appropriate Mitigation Measures for Floodprone Structures

FEMA 551

Building Science for Disaster-Resistant Communities: Flood Hazard Publications

FEMA L-782

Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards


Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference

FEMA P-758
Mitigation Assessment Team Report Midwest Floods of 2008 in Iowa and WisconsinFEMA P-765
Local Official’s Guide for Coastal ConstructionFEMA P-762

Quick Reference Guide: Comparison of Select NFIP & 2018 I-Code Requirements for Special Hazard Areas


2018 International Building Codes and I-Codes Summary of Changes to Flood Provisions

NFIP 2018 I-Codes and ASCE Checklist 

Provisions of the 2009 I-Codes and ASCE 24 Compared to the NFIP


2012 IAMPO Flood Excerpts


2015 I-Code Summary Flood Changes from 2012


2015 IAMPO Flood Excerpts


Best Practices for Incorporating Building Science Guidance into Community Risk MAP Implementation


Flood Hazard Mitigation Handbook for Public Facilities


Flood Resistant Provisions of 2012 International Codes (2012)


Flood Resistant Provisions of 2015 International Codes (2015)


Guidance for Applying ASCE 24 Engineering Standards to HMA Flood Retrofitting and Reconstruction Projects (2013)


Highlights of ASCE 24-05 Flood Resistant Design and Construction


Highlights of ASCE 24-14 Flood Resistant Design and Construction (2015)


I-Codes Sample Checklists for Flood Hazards (2011)


Recommended Procedures for Flood Velocity Data Development (2012)


Reducing Flood Losses Through the International Codes: Coordinating Building Codes and Floodplain Management Regulations, 4th Edition (2014)



NFIP Technical Bulletins




Technical Bulletin 0, User's Guide to NFIP Technical Bulletins (2009)


Technical Bulletin 1, Openings in Foundation Walls and Walls of Enclosures (2008)


Technical Bulletin 2, Flood Damage-Resistant Materials Requirements (2008)


Technical Bulletin 3, Non-Residential Floodproofing - Requirements and Certification (1993)


Technical Bulletin 4, Elevator Installation (2010)


Technical Bulletin 5, Free-of-Obstruction Requirements (2008)

Technical Bulletin 6, Below-Grade Parking Requirements (1993)TB-6

Technical Bulletin 7, Wet Floodproofing Requirements (1993)


Technical Bulletin 8, Corrosion Protection of Metal Connectors in Coastal Areas (1996)


Technical Bulletin 9, Design and Construction Guidance for Breakaway Walls Below Elevated Coastal Buildings (2008)


Technical Bulletin 10, Ensuring that Structures Built on Fill In or Near Special Flood Hazard Areas are Reasonably Safe From Flooding (2001)


Technical Bulletin 11, Crawlspace Construction for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas (2001)

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