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Flood Insurance Reform - Working with Our Partners

This page provides information about how FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program works with its partners on matters of flood insurance reform.

In order to help ensure its fiscal soundness, and inform its mapping and rate-setting through expert consultation, reports and studies, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) works closely with associations, government and the public.

  • The Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC)
    The TMAC is a Federal Advisory committee established to review and make recommendations to FEMA on matters related to the national flood mapping program.
  • The Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP)
    FEMA’s Scientific Resolution Panel process supplies independent third party review to ensure flood hazard dates depicted on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are updated correctly when changes to the FIRMs are met with conflicting technical and scientific data.
  • Congress
    FEMA notifies members of Congress when constituents in their district/state will be affected by a flood mapping update by issuing Notices to Congress each month. View these notices, and find out more about mapping updates nationwide.
  • Write Your Own (WYO) Program's Participating Insurance Companies
    FEMA consults with the WYO program's participating insurance companies through a cooperative arrangement operating within the context of the NFIP and is subject to its rules and regulations. These participating property and casualty insurance companies write and service federal flood insurance in their own names. FEMA communicates its guidance to its industry partners through WYO Bulletins.
  • The Public Comment Process
    The law also allows 30 days for public comment on the model to be used to map the community and to issue new maps. Learn more, at What Goes Into a Flood Map.”
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