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Fire Prevention & Safety Grants Success Stories

This section is for fire departments and eligible organizations interested in reducing death and injuries due to fire related hazards, and contain Fire Prevention & Safety Grants (FP&S) "success" stories. The stories demonstrate how FP&S awards have improved the safety of firefighters and the communities that they serve.


Featured Success Story

Fire Marshall Eric Blevins attaches a fire extinguisher to a stovetopStovetop Fire Extinguishers Save Lives and Property

A Tornado caused extensive damage throughout Northern Ohio. In the past that would have caused interruptions in fire department service calls and slower response times.Thanks to an AFG grant, the department bought a generator with an automatic transfer switch that kicked in after the tornadoes blew through the area cutting off power.

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Additional Success Stories

Seven Lives Saved Thanks To New Smoke Alarm
Galesburg Fire Department

Everyone Goes Home® Video Produced to Help Eliminate Line-of-Duty Fatalities
Chicago, IL

Fire Safety Grant Helps Reach College Students
Planning and Education Saves Lives
San Diego County, CA
Preschool Children Taught About The Dangers of Fire
Rochester, NY
Firefighters Learn About Heart Health
Washington, DC
Fire Zone Offers Interactive Learning Environment
New York, NY
Fire Safety Bus Rolls Into Greensboro
Greensboro, NC
Alaska Offers Free Home Fire Safety Inspections
State of Alaska
Web-based Training Helps Arson Investigation
Bridgeton, MO
House-to-House Fire Risk Assessments
Berkeley, CA
Hospital Helps Kids With Grant Money
Indianapolis, IN
Fire Department Goes High Tech To Save Lives
Newport Beach, CA
Poverty and Fire Injury Go Hand-in-Hand
Bristol, VA
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