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Fire Prevention & Safety Grants - Research & Development

This section contains eligible research categories, previous grant awards, success stories, program contacts, and a glossary of terms. The content is useful for those in the fire service seeking information about to how to improve the safety and health of firefighters.

The Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Research and Development Grants (R&D) are part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) and are under the purview of FEMA's Grant Programs Directorate. The goal of this Research and Development Grants Program activity is to reduce firefighter fatal and nonfatal injuries and improve firefighter safety, health and wellness. Research institutions applying for R&D grants must have fire service partners that will support the ongoing project efforts from design through dissemination and implementation of successful results. Applied research projects include: Clinical Studies, Technology and Product Development, Database System Development, Dissemination and Implementation Research, Preliminary Studies and Early Career Investigator. The emphasis of this program is on research that will yield results that can be readily applied to improve firefighter safety, health, and wellness. Research and Development Grants have been awarded since 2005.

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  • The R&D program provides funding for studies in six project categories. Information on the purpose of each category with examples of previously awards is provided.
    R&D Eligible Category Information
  • Abstracts of completed and active R&D grant awards are organized by fiscal year. This is valuable to the fire service and future applicants for funding.
    R&D Grant Awards
  • The results of R&D studies when implemented by fire departments can improve the safety and health of firefighters. R&D success stories are used to demonstrate how fire departments can benefit from adoption of research results.
    R&D Success Stories
  • Contacts are provided for AFG program staff and research specialists to answer questions about previous studies or applications for funding.
    R&D Program Contacts
  • A glossary of terms used in communications about the AFG R&D program is provided to assist applicants for funding.
    AFG Glossary
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