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Fire Management Assistance Grants: Timelines

Request for FMA Declaration

Made by telephone and immediately followed by FF-90-58.

Incident Period

The time interval during which the declared fire occurs. The RD, in consultation with the GAR and the Principal Advisor, will establish the incident period.

Performance Period

The time interval designated in block #13 on the SF-424 for the Grantee and subgrantees to submit eligible costs and have those costs processed, obligated, and closed-out by FEMA.

Temporary Repair of damage caused by eligible firefighting activities
204.42 (g)

All temporary repair work must be completed within 30-days of the close of the incident period for the declared fire.

Preparing & Submitting and Application
204.51 (a)

After approval of a fire management assistance declaration, the State may submit an application package, which includes the SF-424 and FF-20-16, and additional supporting documentation. The application should be submitted within 9-months of the declaration. Upon receipt of the written request from the State, the RD may grant an extension for up to 3-months.

Request for Fire Management Assistance
204.52 (a) (l) (RFMA)

Applicants applying for subgrants under an approved fire management assistance grant must submit a RFMA to the Grantee in accordance with State procedures and within timelines set by the Grantee, but no longer than 30-days after the closure of this incident period.

Submitting a Project Worksheet
204.52 (c) (l)

Applicants should submit all PW's through the Grantee for approval by the RD. The Grantee will determine the deadline for an Applicant to submit completed PW's, but the deadline must be no later than 6-months from the close of the incident period.

Approval of State's Grant Application
204.51 (c)

The RD has 45-days from receipt of the State's grant application, to review and approve or deny the grant application or to notify the Grantee of a delay in processing funds.

Reporting and Audit Requirements
204.64 (a)

Within 90-days of the performance period expiration date, the State will submit a final financial status report (FF-20-10), which reports all costs incurred within the performance period.

Appeal of FMA Declaration Denial

The Governor may appeal the denial of the request for a Fire Management Assistance declaration within 30-days of the date of the letter denying the request, or submit a request for a time extension to the Recovery Division Director through the RD. The Recovery Division Director has 90-days to render determination or request additional information.

Appeals of Eligibility

Appeals of eligibility must be submitted within 60-days after receipt of notice of the action that is being appealed. The Grantee will review and forward from an eligible applicant, with a written recommendation, to the RD within 60-days of receipt. Within 90-days following receipt of the appeal, the RD (for the first appeal) or the Recovery Division Director (for the second appeal) will notify the Grantee in writing of the disposition of the appeal or the need for additional information. A request for additional information will include a date by which the information must be provided. Within 90-days following receipt of additional information the Grantee will be notified in writing of the disposition of the appeal.

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