FEMA Region IX: Media & Outreach

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This section of the site contains information on FEMA Region 9 public outreach activities, media contacts, links to social media accounts and other agency information.

Prep Rally with Kristi Yamaguchi and Jeryy Rice





Members of the Media: Schedule an Interview!

Subscribe to FEMA Region IX for news releases and alertsFEMA's emergency response experts are available for interviews to discuss important issues that impact local communities. The FEMA Region IX Public Affairs Officer in Oakland, California facilitates media requests for reporters in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Pacific Southwest tribes and territories.

If you're a member of the media interested in scheduling an interview with FEMA, please contact Public Affairs Officer Brandi Richard at brandi.richard@fema.dhs.gov.

External Affairs Contacts

David Passey, External Affairs Director
E-Mail: david.passey@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (510) 627-7054

Brandi Richard, External/Public Affairs Officer (Region 9 Media Queries)
E-mail: brandi.richard@fema.dhs.gov  
Telephone: (510) 627-7006

Casey De Shong, Congressional Affairs
E-Mail: casey.deshong@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (510) 627-7785

Michael Cummings, Private Sector Liaison
E-Mail: michael.cummings@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (510) 627-7220

Veronica Verde, External Affairs Specialist
E-Mail: veronica.verde@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (626) 431-3843

Frank Mansell, Mitigation Outreach Specialist
E-Mail: frank.mansell@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (510) 368-0877

Robert Barker, Public Affairs Specialist
E-Mail: robert.barker@fema.dhs.gov
Telephone: (510) 627-7279

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