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FEMA Flood Recovery Data

This page presents information on Flood Recovery efforts related to Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Rita.


Ivan Flood Recovery

When Hurricane Ivan made landfall on September 16, 2004, it was a major hurricane that produced sustained winds of 130 mph, torrential rains, coastal storm surge flooding of 10-16 feet above normal high tide, and large and battering waves along the western Florida Panhandle and Alabama coastline. More information on Ivan Flood Recovery

Katrina Flood Recovery

Hurricane Katrina was a long-lived hurricane that made landfall three times along the United States coast and reached Category 5 at its peak intensity. The storm initially developed as a tropical depression in the southeastern Bahamas on August 23, 2005. Two days later, it strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane a few hours before making its first landfall between Hallandale Beach and North Miami Beach, Florida. After crossing the tip of the Florida peninsula, Katrina followed a westward track across the Gulf of Mexico before turning to the northwest toward the Gulf Coast. More information about Hurricane Katrina

Rita Flood Recovery

On September 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita made landfall near the Louisiana-Texas border as a Category 3 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. Reaching Category 5 status while in the Gulf of Mexico but weakening before landfall, Hurricane Rita caused extensive coastal flooding, erosion, and wind damage. More information about Rita Flood Recovery

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