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FEMA 433 - Using Hazus-MH for Risk Assessment

This How-To Guide is designed to help users prepare standardized, scientifically based risk assessments with the Hazards U.S. Multi-Hazard (Hazus-MH) software. FEMA prepared this guide on the basis of field-implemented Hazus-MH risk assessment pilot projects across the country that are responding to the requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000). This guide is intended for users who have had exposure to Hazus-MH and are interested in using the software to support risk assessment studies. Potential users include planners, emergency response and recovery personnel, other government officials, engineers, and those involved in hazards research.

To support the preparation of risk assessments, FEMA developed two software tools for use in conjunction with FEMA 433: the Hazus-MH Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) and the Hazus-MH Flood Macro Wizard (see below).

The RAT assists users in transferring and reproducing Hazus-MH data for DMA 2000 plans. It can help local mitigation planners use information from common data queries in Hazus-MH to develop local mitigation plans.

The Flood Macro Wizard automates and expedites the processing of Hazus-MH flood loss analyses. This tool facilitates the preparation of regional studies and will allow the direct application of the Hazus-MH flood loss analysis tool to DMA 2000 plans.

For more information visit Hazus and Hazus-MH software.

You can download FEMA 433 from the FEMA Resource and Document Library, or order a copy from the FEMA Distribution Center. To order this or other publications please call 1-800-480-2520 or fax 1-240-599-0525 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. You may also email your request to FEMA-Publications-Warehouse. Please provide the title, item number, short number, and quantity of each publication, along with your name, address, zip code, and daytime telephone number.

Hazus-MH Risk Assessment Tools

Hazus-MH tools are developed specifically for the use with the Hazus-MH Model software.  FEMA continues to develop special tools that help the Hazus-MH user to process data, produce risk assessments and other applications. Two useful tools are the Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) and Flood Macro Wizard (Flood Wizard).

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