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How can I get a Manufactured Housing Unit?

You cannot register for Direct Housing such as a Temporary Housing Unit, or Manufactured Housing Units (pre-fabricated dwelling such as a Mobile Home) directly.  You register for FEMA assistance and you may later be referred and possibly determined eligible as a part of the registration process. You may be referred based on a combination of information about available rental resources in a geographic area and information about your specific needs. Not all requested sites may be appropriate for Manufactured Housing Unit placement (lack of utilities, flood zone, etc.).

A Temporary Housing Unit (THU) can be a house, apartment, condominium, manufactured home, or other dwelling acquired by purchase or lease and made available to eligible applicants for a limited period of time.

If you are being considered for Direct Housing Assistance you may receive a call from a FEMA representative to complete a pre-placement interview (PPI).  

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