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Individual Assistance through the Small Business Administration

I am not a business. Do I have to fill out this loan paperwork?

There are three steps to FEMA assistance, when referred to Small Business Administration (SBA):

  1. Apply for FEMA assistance
  2. Apply for assistance with the SBA
    • Please complete and return the application as soon as possible so the SBA can determine if you qualify for assistance.
    • If the SBA determines you do not qualify for a loan, there is a possibility you will be sent back to the grant program through FEMA for any home or personal property losses.
  3. If applicable, return to FEMA for consideration through the grant program.

You cannot skip steps, so you must complete and return the SBA application. FEMA’s temporary housing assistance and grants for disaster-related medical and dental expenses and funeral and burial expenses do not require individuals to apply for an SBA loan. However, applicants who receive SBA loan applications must complete and submit them to SBA to be eligible for assistance that covers personal property, vehicle repair or replacement, and moving and storage expenses. Questions about SBA loans should be directed to the Small Business Administration (SBA). You can contact them at 1-800-659-2955 from 8AM - 9PM (EDT), Mon - Fri or email them at

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