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How to obtain Independent Study (IS) transcript

How can I get a transcript of my Independent Study course completions, and what information is included on it?

Both Student Transcripts and Official Transcripts are issued free of charge. The transcript request form can be accessed at

To request a Student Transcript, complete the top portion of the request form and mail or fax the request to the number or address on the form. You can also request a Student Transcript by calling our office at 301-447-1200.

To request an Official Transcript, complete both top and bottom portions of the form, including your signature, and mail or fax the request to the number or address on the form. You cannot request an official transcript by phone.

After submitting a signed IS Transcript Request Form, a detailed transcript including your personal identification information, course numbers and titles, completion dates, and the number of contact hours and/or applicable Continuing Education Units will be mailed to you, and any institution you specify, usually within 30 days. Please note that this transcript is issued by the Independent Study Office and is not a transcript that verifies college credits that have been earned and paid for from Frederick Community College.

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