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FEMA disaster declaration types

What is the difference between a FEMA Public Assistance declaration and a FEMA Individual Assistance declaration?

Information about how a disaster declaration is requested is available at the FEMA Declaration Process Fact Sheet

Individual Assistance: Assistance for Individuals and Families

If your state or county has not received a declaration for Individual Assistance, local resources may be available to you. If you or anyone you know needs assistance, you may want to contact:

Public Assistance: Assistance for State and Local Government

A Public Assistance declaration makes federal funding available to:

  • The state;
  • Local governments;
  • Indian Tribal governments and Alaska Native villages; and
  • Certain private nonprofit organizations that provide services of a governmental nature.

Public Assistance funds are available on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair, replacement or restoration of facilities damaged by the disaster.

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