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FEMA assistance with insurance

I'm insured; can I get FEMA assistance?

You may qualify for FEMA assistance even if you have insurance. An insurance settlement letter or insurance denial must be sent to FEMA in order to continue processing your case, as well as to prevent duplication of benefits. The full settlement can be:

  • Uploaded from your personal computer to your online account at:
  • Send via fax at:1-800-827-8112
  • Send via postal mail to:

FEMA - Individuals & Households Program
National Processing Service Center
P.O. Box 10055
Hyattsville, MD 20782-8055

FEMA cannot duplicate any insurance coverage. If your insurance does not cover all of your disaster related needs, you need to write a letter to FEMA explaining your situation and include a copy of a settlement or denial letter from your insurance company. If you applied for help from FEMA because of your deductible, FEMA does not cover insurance deductibles.

Please remember to include your name, last four digits of your social security number, disaster number, and registration number with any correspondence to FEMA and keep the original for your records.

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