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FEMA Individual Assistance inspection process

What is the inspection process?

If you do not have insurance to cover your disaster related damages, an inspection is required to process your application. An inspector will contact you to make an appointment to visit your property within 10 to 14 days after you apply. For complete information about the inspection process, go to to find more information about the Inspection Process.

The inspector will assess disaster related damage for your real and personal property. There is no fee for the inspection. Inspectors are contractors, not FEMA employees, but your inspector will have picture identification.

It is not required that you be present for the inspection.  You can make arrangements with the inspector for someone else to accompany the inspector in your absence, either a relative or friend over 18 years of age.  Please be sure your phone/contact information is current.

Inspectors file your report but do not determine your eligibility. The inspector usually looks at the damaged areas of the home and records that information in the computer as part of the inspection process.  There may be times when photos of the undamaged areas are helpful in regards to the overall safety and livability of the home.  Inspectors will maintain personal safety and will not enter unsafe areas of the home. 

Please have these items ready and in a place where you will easily find:

  • Owners: Proof of ownership (your deed, tax records, mortgage payment book, or a copy of your dwelling’s insurance policy for the address, showing you as the owner)
  • Owners and renters: Proof of occupancy (recent utility bills in your name at that address, your driver’s license address, any first-class government mail sent to you within the last 3 months at that address, or recent utility bills in your name at that address) and insurance policies
  • Renters only: Lease agreement


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