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Creating FIRMette

How do I create a FIRMette?

You can create a FIRMette of most effective maps in FEMA’s online inventory using the FIRMette Web tool. To create a FIRMette, you must first find a flood map, and then click the View button associated with that flood map.

For detailed instructions on how to create a FIRMette, try our online tutorial. For additional information on FIRMette Web and the more advanced FIRMette Desktop application, please see the Products and Tools Overview page. 

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps are not final regulatory products and should not be used for the purposing of making flood determinations. Preliminary FIRMs cannot be viewed with the FIRMette tool, nor accessed with the FIRMette€“ Desktop application. A FIRMette cannot be created for preliminary maps.

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