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Assistance with vehicle repairs/replacement

Will FEMA help with repairs/replacement of my car?

Auto insurance and the Small Business Administration (SBA) are the two primary resources available to applicants who have damage to a vehicle as a result of a disaster.

If you are not able to secure assistance through either of these organizations, FEMA may be able to assist with the cost of repairing and/or replacing your vehicle that is no longer usable because of disaster-related damage. Verification may be required to show:

  • the vehicle is registered in the applicant's name or in the applicant's dependent's name, and
  • the vehicle is insured and conforms to applicable State laws.

An estimate may be required stating that the damage to the vehicle was a direct result of a Presidentially-declared disaster. Transportation repair and replacement award amounts are set by the state on a yearly basis and FEMA cannot exceed the amount of transportation assistance established by the state.

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