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Fact Sheets

The following is a list of fact sheets on the various programs, offices, and initiatives across the agency and is for anyone who wants to learn more about each topic.

Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration

Grants Program Directorate

  • Assistance of Firefighters Grants (PDF 377KB)
  • Grant Life Cycle (PDF 162KB, TXT 5KB)
  • Grant Development and Administration (PDF 295KB)
  • Grant Preparedness Directorate Review Process (PDF 180KB, TXT 6KB)
  • Grant Programs Directorate (PDF 173KB, TXT 3KB)
  • Financial and Programmatic Grant Monitoring (PDF 176KB, TXT 7KB)
  • Fiscal Year 2008 Competitive Training Grant Program (PDF 275KB)
  • Fiscal Year 2009 Preparedness Grant (PDF 262KB)
  • Preparedness Grants Portfolio (PDF 201KB, TXT 12KB)

Integrated Public Alert and Warning System

National Advisory Council

National Continuity Programs

National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program

National Preparedness Directorate

Office of Disability Integration and Coordination

Office of Response and Recovery

Office of Response and Recovery, Logistics Management Directorate

Office of Response and Recovery, Recovery Directorate

Office of Response and Recovery, Response Directorate

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