South Carolina: Hurricane Ian Weekly Fact Sheet – Feb 17, 2023

Release Date:
February 17, 2023

Recovery by the Numbers

  • $2,087,443 approved for housing assistance
  • $377,240 approved for other disaster-related needs
    • $1,912,000 in SBA disaster loans was approved for homeowners, renters and businesses
  • The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance was Monday, Jan. 23, 2023.

Key Messages

 An Online Account Will Keep You in Contact With FEMA

  • Disaster survivors who have applied for FEMA assistance are encouraged to create an online account to stay connected to FEMA throughout the registration process. Creating an online account on provides quicker access to pertinent FEMA information and support, regardless of holidays, regular business hours or personnel availability.
    • FEMA is committed to ensuring that each survivor’s recovery process continues to move forward. Therefore, applicants with online accounts can:
      • Check the status of the application and inspection.
      • Update personal information, such as current mailing address and phone number.
      • Securely view correspondence from FEMA.
      • Upload important documents such as an insurance denial or settlement letter, proof of ownership of the damaged property and proof that the property was your primary residence at the time of the disaster.
      • Access a 24/7 FEMA Internet Helpdesk to resolve account issues.
      • Have the ability to request an inspection under certain circumstances. It’s important to understand that you can make one online inspection request per disaster.
      • To create or access your online account, call the Help Desk, 24/7 1-800-745-0243 or visit: to learn more.

How to Appeal FEMA’s Decision

Disaster Legal Assistance

How to Document Home Ownership and Occupancy for FEMA

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