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Recovery At A Glance– Linn County Jan. 12, 2021

Release Date:
January 13, 2021

As of Jan. 11, 2020, unless otherwise noted)

Housing Assistance:

  • $467,854 in grants approved for housing repairs or replacement for 56 homeowners.
  • $125,290 in grants have been approved for personal property, transportation and other disaster-related serious needs for 77 applicants.
  • 257 home inspections have been issued with 99 percent completed.

Direct Temporary Housing

  • Linn county is one of four Oregon counties approved to participate in FEMA’s Direct Temporary Housing Program.
  • On Dec. 30, Construction began on a site for temporary housing units for eligible Linn and Marion survivors.
  • Once completed, the new site in Mill City is expected to hold up to 16 temporary housing units.
  • Temporary housing is provided one of two ways: recreational vehicles (RVs) and Manufactured Housing Units (mobile homes).
  • Survivor housing units are chosen by FEMA based on the survivor family composition and needs, as well as to ensure that requirements for access or functional needs are met.
  • Ongoing participation in the program, which can last until March 2022, depends on each survivor’s efforts to find permanent housing and following the rules established by the park and FEMA.
Last updated January 13, 2021