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DR-4473 Earthquakes Weekly Updates

Release Date:
October 12, 2020
  1. FEMA Individual Assistance Total Approved (As of 11/26/2021) - $76.7 Million 
  2. Home Repairs Approved - $54.5 Million
  3. Home Replacement Approved - $9 Million
  4. Rental Assistance Approved - $8.9 Million
  5. Other Needs Assistance Approved Assistance - $2.2 Million
  6.  FEMA Public Assistance Total Approved (As of 11/26/2021) - $467.4 Million
  7.  SBA Total Approved for Businesses, Homeowners and Renters (As of 11/26/2021) - $50.8 Million    
Last updated December 1, 2021