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Oregon Wildfires: Free Home Repair Advice Available

Release Date:
October 16, 2020

All Oregonians – including those affected by the recent wildfires and straight-line winds – who have questions about repairing or rebuilding disaster damaged homes or want to learn more about creating defensive fire spaces can contact FEMA Mitigation Specialists via email at FEMA-R10-MIT@FEMA.DHS.GOV. This is a free service.

What forms of advice are available?

These Specialists are available to answer home repair, rebuilding and hazard mitigation questions and offer tips and techniques to make homes more hazard-resistant using proven methods that will prevent or reduce damage from future disasters.

In addition, FEMA mitigation specialists can:

  • Assist homeowners in identifying new hazard risks—like flash flooding—following a wildfire; and
  • Suggest actions homeowners can take to minimize damage caused by other natural disasters.

Is in-person advice available?

Hazard Mitigation Specialists will be visiting selected FEMA External Outreach Sites in affected areas. These specialists offer the same advice and assistance that is available online. Also, these locations provide free handouts, brochures, flyers and other program publications in English and Spanish.

To find out more about these outreach sites or to find a site near you, visit FEMA.gov/External Outreach Site Locator and search by your location. To find out if Hazard Mitigation specialists are at the nearest site, look for “Hazard Mitigation” under FEMA “Available Services” in the Notes section listing of that External Outreach Site.

More FEMA External Outreach Sites will open soon to assist Oregonians.

At any time applicants with disabilities who may require a reasonable accommodation can ask FEMA staff directly or submit their accommodation request via email to FEMA’s Office of Civil Rights at FEMACivilRightsOffice@fema.dhs.gov or by calling FEMA’s Civil Rights Resource line at 833-285-7448.

Last updated October 16, 2020