Tribal Nations Training Week


The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) will host the 9th Annual Tribal Nations Training Week at the CDP campus in Anniston, Alabama. CDP training is completely funded for state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency responders to include roundtrip airfare, meals, lodging, training, and any equipment required during training.

Date: March 9, 2024 - March 16, 2024

Time: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Onsite

Event Details

This focused training week will strengthen emergency preparedness capabilities and foster relationships amongst Tribal Nations and partners. All personnel who work in an emergency response capacity and are affiliated with one or more Tribal Nations, Indian Health Service (IHS) and those who work directly with Tribal Nations are authorized to attend.

You must have a promo/registration code to register for one of the courses. The promo code must be typed in exactly as it appears; it will not work if copied and pasted.

Visit the CDP website at Apply for Training to complete the online registration. Remember your FEMA SID number and Password; you will need this throughout the registration process, leading up to your attendance, and while attending training. 

Emergency managers wearing personal protective equipment during a training


March 9 through 16, 2024

  • Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents (HCL) / Integrated Capstone Event (ICE): Use registration code 100TRHCL
  • Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response – Operations (EHTER OPS): Use registration code 96TREHTEROPS 
  • Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC) / Crisis Leadership (MGT-340) / Crisis Standards of Care and Treatment Decision-Making (AWR-934-V1): Use registration code 102TRIEMC
  • Emergency Management Framework for Tribal Governments (L580) / Natural Disaster Awareness for Community Leaders (AWR-310) / Psychological Preparedness for Responders (AWR-933-V7): Use registration code 97TREMFTG
  • Community Based Response to All-Hazards Threats in Tribal Communities (MGT-449) / Emergency Operations Plans for Rural Jurisdictions (MGT-383) / Testing an Emergency Operations Plan in a Rural EOC (PER-294) / Natural Disaster Awareness for Community Leaders (AWR-310) / Special Needs Population Considerations During Emergency Response (HC-V3) / Autism Awareness For Emergency Services (OLS-V19) / Emergency Management and the Public Information Officer (MGT-902-V2) / Communicating Effectively in an Emergency (MGT-902-V7): Use registration code 88TRCBPTTC
  • Threat & Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment & Stakeholder Preparedness Rev. (THIRA) (MGT-310) / Emergency Operations Center Operations and Planning for All-Hazards Events (MGT-346) / Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Review (MGT-347) / Command Post Operations (AWR-933-V23):  Use registration code 105TRTHIRA
  • Five-Day Session for Tribal Nations Executives: Use registration code 117TRFGTNTW
    • Day 1: Tribal Leaders Symposium
    • Day 2: Continuity of Government Operations Planning for Rural Communities (MGT-416)
    • Day 3: NIMS Overview for Senior Officials (Executives, Elected & Appointed) (ICS-402) / Closed Listening Session with FEMA HQ and DHS Tribal Advisory Council
    • Day 4: Workshop discussion on Disaster Declaration Process and requirements to do so and other FEMA programs. 
    • Day 5: Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness (MGT-312) 

March 11 through 18, 2024

  • Underserved Populations Preparedness Planning for Rural Responders and Volunteers (UPPPRRV) / Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents (HERT) Integrated Capstone Event (ICE): Use registration code 111TRUSPP
Emergency managers in a training

Event Contact

Should you have any questions, please contact David Emigh, CDP Eastern Region and Tribal Nations Training Coordinator at or 866-213-9546

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