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Programa de Discapacidad

Disability Program

The disability Program is responsible for employment matters affecting people with disabilities. The Disability Program Manager (DPM) serves as a technical advisor to the FEMA workforce on all disability issues. Responsibilities of the DPM include providing guidance, disability awareness training and coordination of Reasonable Accommodation Requests.

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)

The Human Resources Division (HR) and the Office of Equal Rights (OER) have partnered to recruit qualified applicants with disabilities. Each year, recruiters from HR and OER meet with thousands of students with disabilities from colleges and university campuses. DHS FEMA maintains a database of eligible students and applicants with disabilities for dissemination to DHS FEMA managers and selecting officials for potential job placement. DHS FEMA WRP Coordinator can be reached at (202) 646-3199.

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
DHS FEMA has a long-standing commitment to providing equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. FEMA strives to increase the representation of individuals with disabilities within our work force. To support this goal, we have established a partnership with the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). The CAP Office helps us by:

  • Buying accommodations to make computer and telecommunications systems accessible to employees with disabilities,
  • Providing expertise in solving accessibility problems through the use of software, hardware, and other assistive technology; and
  • Providing training and educational support.

CAP’s services enable to DHS FEMA work environment to be more accessible to employees with visual, hearing, dexterity and cognitive and communication impairments. CAP is on of the primary tools utilized by DHS FEMA to ensure that employees with disabilities have the equipment needed to perform at no cost to the department.

The Office of Equal Rights (OER) serves as the Focal Point of Contact for CAP. All requests for equipment and services through CAP must be coordinated through the DHS FEMA Disability Program Manager.

The Technology Accessibility Program is the collaborative partnership between the Information Technology Division (IT) and the Office of Equal Rights. The Program provides technical assistance and often shares the responsibility for providing enabling technology so that individuals with disabilities can interact with other employees, agencies and the general public. FEMA applicants and employees with information technology accessibility concerns should contact the Office of Equal Rights at (202) 646-3535.

The Disability Program Manager is available to assist FEMA employees, supervisors, and managers. For additional information, contact the Disability Program Manager at (202) 646-3535.

CAP Program Changes

CAP no longer provides computer monitors or ergonomic chairs. All other services and goods continue to be provided.

DHS FEMA CAP Processing Procedures

Step 1: Employees working interactively with the supervisors and if necessary physician will prepare the CAP request form and submit it to their supervisor for signature.

Step 2: Supervisor ensures that any technical problems related to the request have been addressed with the Disability Program Manager.

Step 3: Supervisor ensures that the appropriate contact information is listed on the CAP form.

Step 4: Supervisor faxes or mails the CAP request form and all related medical documentation to the CAP office for processing.

Step 5: Supervisor faxes or mails a copy of the CAP form and all related medical documentation to the Office of Equal Rights; Attn: Disability Program Manager (202) 646-4320.

Reasonable Accommodations

Information about reasonable accommodations is available in FEMA Manual 1430.1 (M) (PDF 69KB, TXT 38KB). Questions may be directed to the Disability Program Manager at (202) 646-3535.

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