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Florida: Flood Mitigation and Wastewater Reliability Enhancement Project

Protecting stormwater and flood capacity infrastructure.

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Jacksonville, Florida: $23.18 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


The largest city in Florida by both population and area, Jacksonville is an essential hub for northern Florida and Southern Georgia business and services. The city sits in a humid subtropical region and over 13% of its area is water, making the city vulnerable to flooding when stormwater basins reach capacity. Despite the city not being directly hit by a hurricane since 1871, Jacksonville experiences flooding often and is at risk for increased major storms.

Project Description

This project will implement a series of improvements, including flexible, vegetative enhancements to increase capacity, to address current risks to the Buckman Water Reclamation Facility outfall pipe and effluent pump station, Bigelow Creek, and other areas within the Buckman Water Reclamation Facility. The facility currently experiences sanitary sewer overflows along the outfall because of storm surge and tidal events within the St. Johns River. These overflows are projected to become more frequent, and the capacity of the outfall system will be reduced as a result of river level increase caused by sea level rise. The city of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Electric Authority will work together with the Jacksonville Port Authority to ensure that any synergistic opportunities are captured.