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Una página web oficial del gobierno de los Estados Unidos

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El sufijo .gov significa que es oficial.

Las páginas web del gobierno federal frecuentemente se terminan con .gov o .mil. Antes de compartir datos sensibles, asegúrese de que la página es del gobierno federal.


La página es segura.

El prefijo https:// garantiza que usted se ha conectado con la página web oficial y que los datos que proporcione son cifrados y se trasmiten seguramente.

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Public Safety Officials

When emergencies strike, public safety officials use timely and reliable systems to alert their communities.

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Best Practices for Public Safety Officials

Test, Train and Exercise with the IPAWS Lab
Aid for IPAWS users to understand the benefits of testing, training and exercising by providing best practices, considerations and methodologies.

The IPAWS office distributes a monthly "tip" to emergency managers and software vendors regarding the IPAWS program, software tools and other relevant issues. The tips also cover best practices and recommendations for both alerting authorities and the vendor community.

COVID-19 Best Practices
Resources for state, local, tribal and territorial governments when using IPAWS.

Continuity of Broadcast Operations - Every Station Should Have a Plan
Best practices for developing a solid continuity of broadcast operations plan for companies, clusters or single stations to be prepared for major disasters.

Best Practices and Considerations - Alert Origination Tools
Suggested functions, features and layouts for alert origination tools.