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Graphic: Sources of Financial Help After a Disaster

Sources of Financial Help After a Disaster. 
Voluntary Agencies:
• Emergency food, shelter, clothing and medical needs, immediately after a disaster.

• File a claim if you have insurance (flood, homeowner’s, renter’s, auto, etc.). 

• Register for disaster assistance: 
800-621-3362 (711/Video Relay Service) 
800-462-7585 (TTY) 
• You don’t need to wait for an insurance settlement. 
• For losses not fully covered by insurance. 

Housing-Related Expenses: 
• Temporary rental costs. 
• Repairs to your home to make it safe to live in. 
• Costs toward a replacement home if your home was destroyed. 

Medical, Dental, Child Care or Funeral Expenses 

Disaster Loan from the Small Business Administration: 
• Completing the application may make you eligible for other types of grants from FEMA. 
• You don’t have to accept a loan if offered one. 
• You don’t need to wait for an insurance settlement to apply. 

Primary Residence: 
• Repairs to damaged housing. 
• Up to $200,000. 

Personal Property: 
• Clothing, furniture, appliances, vehicles. 
• Up to $40,000. 

• If you don’t qualify for a loan, you might be eligible for other grants. 

Other Needs: 
• Personal property. 
• Moving and storage. 
• Transportation. 

Voluntary Agencies: 
• You may be referred if you’ve been through the FEMA application process and still have unmet needs. 

You may appeal if you disagree with FEMA’s decision letter. Call 800-621-3362 to start the process.

Updated 8/22/16.
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Sources of Financial Help After a Disaster provides an overview of resources available to disaster survivors, including voluntary agencies, insurance, FEMA assistance, and/or a disaster loan from the Small Business Administration. A PDF version is also available. Updated 8/22/16.

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Last Updated: octubre 17, 2016