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DAWG HAUS - Build Safer/Stronger

03/12/2009 - Texas - DAWG HAUS - Build Stronger/Build Safer As part of FEMA's Mitigation Branch's Community Education and Outreach Group, local technical school students learn to build houses safer and build them stronger through the DAWG HAUS project - Disaster Avoidance With Good Home Attenuating Unionization Systems. Students, using donated lumber and other materials from a local home improvement store, construct a 6 feet x 8 feet by 7 feet mitigated model of a house using FEMA plans. Hurricane straps are prevalent throughout. FEMA's Don Jacks, met students and faculty at Port Arthur, TX's Stilwell Technical School and Beaumont, TX's Taylor Technical School as they were embarking on building their DAWG HAUS. - Location: Port Arthur, TX
Last Updated: mayo 10, 2017