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A community must review subdivision proposals and other proposed new development including manufactured home parks or subdivisions, to determine whether such proposals will be reasonably safe from flooding.

If a subdivision proposal or other proposed new development is in a flood-prone area, any such proposals shall be reviewed to assure that:

  1. All such proposals are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage within the flood-prone area;
  2. All public utilities and facilities, such as sewer, gas, electrical, and water systems are located and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage; and
  3. Adequate drainage is provided to reduce exposure to flood hazards.

BASE FLOOD ELEVATION (BFE) DATA REQUIREMENT: Communities must require that all new subdivision proposals and other proposed development (including proposals for manufactured home parks and subdivisions) greater than 50 lots or 5 acres, whichever is the lesser, must include within such proposals, BFE data.

National Flood Insurance Program Requirements

  • 60.3 - Flood plain management criteria for flood-prone areas
    • (a) (4) - Subdivision Review
    • (b) (3) - BFE Data Requirement

Other Applicable NFIP Regulations

  • 60.3 - Flood plain management criteria for flood-prone areas
    • (c) (6)
    • (c) (12)