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Update 4: Recap of FEMA & Federal Partner Support to State and Local Response in Midwest and Mid-Atlantic


The Administration, through FEMA, remains committed to providing support to Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states affected by last week’s storms. FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center and regional offices in Chicago, Ill. and Philadelphia, Pa., have been in constant coordination with our federal partners as well as impacted states since the storms first struck on Friday, to make sure there are no unmet needs.

The following timeline provides an overview of federal activities, to date, in support of the impacted states, families and communities.

Thursday, July 5 

  • At the request of the State of New Jersey, FEMA personnel are on the ground working with federal, state and local officials to conduct preliminary damage assessments in New Jersey as a result of the storms. These assessments are an important step in identifying the damages, helping the governor determine whether the event is beyond state and local capabilities, and if federal support might be needed. 
  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the lead agency for Emergency Support Function 12 - Energy, issues a DOE situation report. 

Wednesday, July 4 

  • FEMA continues to stage and transfer supplies such as food, water, kits for infants and toddlers, and durable medical equipment to the states as needed, and requested. 
  • Twenty-nine FEMA community relations staff work with the West Virginia National Guard Bureau, visiting residents door-to-door to help spread the word about cooling stations, to assess needs and provide situational awareness to the state. In Ohio, Federal Coordinating Officer Michael Moore, highlights the importance of neighbors helping neighbors. 
  • DOE issues a situation report. 

A timeline of federal family support before July 4 can be found on this previous blog post.

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