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FEMA,<br /><br />Thank you for this post on "Resolve to be Ready". There is a lot of very valuable information contained in here. NAPSG will be sure to include a blog on our website about it and urge our network of public safety practitioners to help get the word out in their communities.<br /><br />One suggestion to further enhance related efforts is to provide additional education, outreach, and awareness at the local level on How to Operationalize US National Grid across all of public safety. USNG use is critical in any incident involving S&R - and can greatly increase effectiveness. If public safety is prepared & READY to operationalize USNG - it will measurably help to increase their ability to save lives. <br /><br />This fall NAPSG foundation conducted a series of trainings and workshops in 5 different FEMA regions - reaching over 600 emergency responders in just 2 months. Our trainings included basic information on how to use USNG, however, we learned that most of the participants had never used USNG, let along know how to use it in emergency operations. Thus, we have identified a critical capability gap that is essential for true readiness. In response, we suggest that NAPSG Foundation, FEMA and USFA partner to develop and deliver training at the local level to emergency responders across the US on "How to Operationalize USNG". There is clearly and interest and a demand by the locals. A partnership effort on this would further enhance the "Resolve to be Ready in 2011" campaign. <br /><br />Thank you again for this blog. We hope you will consider the issue on how to achieve greater use of USNG by local emergency responders as part of the "Resolve to be Ready" endeavor for 2011.<br />Rebecca Harned<br />NAPSG Foundation<br />

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