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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Update 1


(Updated with a video, 8am EST)

FEMA is closely monitoring the effects of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan early this morning, and through our regional offices in the West Coast and in the pacific area, we are in close contact and coordination with state and local officials and stand ready to support them in any way needed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.

Tsunami warnings and watches have been issued for the U.S. territories of Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, as well as portions of coastal areas in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

Our immediate priority is the safety of the people and communities in the affected areas.  We remind everyone who lives in the region to monitor their local news for instructions from their state and local officials and if told to evacuate - evacuate.

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16/06/2012 - 16:37



sorry, it is EFFECTS of the tsunami.

is there any updates regarding the risk factors in western canada...worried about family and friends...thank you and god bless <br />katherine cooper<br />The Pas MB Canada

Prayers and best wishes to all affected.

Prayers going out to all in Japan, Guan, Hawaii and US West Coast!!!!

Praying for the safety of everyone in these areas.

Safety First

might this be the end??

Please help us president!!

its sad to hear this news...may god help you all

any new updates to report? Please let us know

The site makes it sound like WA, OR, British Columbia, and AK have been taken off the list: //<br /><br />Is this correct?

What is happening in Korea? My son and his partner are in Pohong (which is protected from a tsumami somewhat by the southern lip of the bay that sweeps north) and I cannot get through by phone or facebook to either of them.

Our hearts, thoughts & prayers go out to all of the victims and their families. May they get the help they need. May they find peace, comfort and strength during a very challenging time. You have our support here in Sunny California, USA. <br /><br />Thanks, visitor from // !

i hope your son is ok. good luck. they will be fine

My payers go to people in Japan.

it is really too sad for all of them .... god help them.....

How can we help with the events in Japan? <br />I lived in Japan for almost8 years and I speak the language fluently. Please let us know how we can help.<br />Thanks<br />Tania

I just want to say, that although something may happen in the states, in the local island of Japan called Okinawa (where I live) the tsunami didn't even break the seawall. So I'm pretty sure those far away won't see much. The tsunami mainly hit Mainland Japan really hard and has full size tankers in their streets. Please, pray for them.

Korea is drama...comms are shakey due to the path going to Japan....<br /><br />God Bless all Creatures on this Earth.<br /><br />May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all!!

Prayers from Ireland to all who are affected, either directly or indirectly.

We r sory wil b 2geth in prayer


Praying for the safety of everyone in these areas.

Nuclear power is not safe under any conditions. There is no possible way to account for all the natural and man-made possibilities that can cause a disaster. Offshore oil drilling is the same deal. The oil companies cannot account for all possibilities. The dangers to our environment - our habitat - and ultimately our health and lives is too great. Please channel all funding into SOLAR power for both electric and for solar powered cars. Please government - require all automobile manufacturers to create only gas hybrid, electric, or solar electric vehicles effective IMMEDIATELY. DO THE RIGHT THING.

My prayers goes out to all who is effected by this terrible Tsumami and Earthquake. Looking for my Brother Dwayne Sumlin who lives in Japan, Dwayne please contact us, your Sister Crystal

God bless everyone <br /><br />what a tragedy,<br /><br />Montgomery triangle is awesome!

prayers for all affected. hope that it will not happen in the Philippines. :(

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan. God bless you. From Denver.

There has been a warning issued for much of northern B.C. and Alaska so if your on the very coast you might want to play it safe.

Very sad news, but be advised that from right here in America we will bring tsunami preparedness alternative for the world:<br /><br />Groundbreaking Tsunami and Flood Shelter System is Unveiled, Receives US Patent <br /><br />Read release: //

Really, and event this big and FEMA cannot post a situation report for the day? I wish FEMA would pay more attention to the west coast states. If the tsunami warning was for the East Coast, we sure would have had a very detailed situation report. When we awoke to this news on the west coast, we turned to the FEmA situation report, where we should have been able to get the latest information, but it was not posted. What is the use of this report if we cannot count on it. Please FEMA, put someone reliable on that report.

May good Lord grant to as many that lost their dear ones the fortitude to bear the loss of their dear ones. May the peace of God that add no sorrow be the portion of the entire people of Japan.

How can this article be called an UPDATE - posted at 7:30 am and not changed since. Cannot see anything else on<br />WAKE UP - communicate through the internet, post real updates and then update facebook and twitter with links.

Resources for those looking for friends, relatives, or loved ones in Japan: <br /><br />1. Google Crisis Response Page & Person Finder: //<br /><br />2. U.S. Department of State website on Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: //<br /><br />3. American Red Cross blog post: //

My thoughts are with all of in japan . May god look over ye

does anyone know if it will it any pacific islands

WHY IS IT that when a tragedy of such epic proportions as this one occurs, so many 'trolls' seize this as an opportunity to get on their soapbox to SPOUT OFF about unrelated ('nuclear power is not safe, blah, blah) & insignificant ("the EFFECTS of the tsunami")?? Their inability to focus on the matter at hand clearly demonstrates their apparent lack of concern for anything other than THEIR OWN AGENDA ("Me-Me-Me"!) Apparently the lives lost and/or at risk in these situations are of little-to-no consequence to these "me-focused" individuals!

I disagree ... it is for this very reason, the loss of so many human lives and the sorrow it creates, that we must look at what we are doing to the environment -- these catastrophes are happening far far too often, for there not to be a link to the causes. I have great empathy and all the families and friends of those affected ... I woke up in the wee hours of the morning crying and I had no clue 'why', until I got to work today. Namaste.

is it the effect of PERIGEE which happens on 19th jan .... when moon comes closest to earth .......

To all the people of Japan, you will be in our prayers... God bless!<br /><br />Be strong in this trying times... The people of the Philippines are praying for you!

prays and wishes don't work just give us money

FEMA and the Military You need to send swamp boats to the area of Northeastern Japan these will be the only vehicle that will get through the Mud Water,And debris. Please Send Now!!!!!!

Don't just say you're so sorry to hear about the earthquake...why not think about making a small donation to the Red Cross.<br />//

Trying to find out any information on the effects of the Tsunami on Aomori Ken Japan. My sister-in-law lives there and her husband (my brother) is in the United States for medical care and is extremely worried as he has not been able to get through by phone.

It's inevitable, the Nuclear Plant in Japan is gonna Meltdown! Do what the russian firemen who didn't suffer any side-effects in the chernobyl disaster did, get drunk, drink lots & lots of beer NOT sake, BEER...

You sound like one of those me-me-me people. You haven't said any kind words or wishes for the people of these places that have been affected by this tragic event. Go donate a pair of your own shoes to these people, instead of posting all this rhetoric. I hope that you have told your family and friends that you love them and tried to help the world get rid of the hate. It is sad, even in the midst of tragedy, we still have loosers thinking about foolishness. You must not be Japanese. I pray for you too along with the affected.

may god help us all for wat we have done .. its time to stop using resources at such a pace

I will pray for all those affected<br /><br />Montgomery triangle is awesome

They need to start saving people's lives don't wait until its too late! I lived in Okinawa Japan for 5yrs they welcomed their homes to me and my family. I had many Japanese students from Mainland over the years. I welcome my home to them as they did to us when we were stationed there. They are running out time, why does everyone wait until it's too late to save them?

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