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Eric M. Leckey

Official FEMA portrait of Mr. Eric M. Leckey, Deputy Chief Administrative OfficerEric M. Leckey is a member of the Senior Executive Service and has served as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer at the Federal Emergency Management Agency since October 30, 2016.

In this role, Eric provides executive-level leadership, management, and oversight in the delivery of Agency-wide business administrative services including Installations and Infrastructure (Real Property and Facilities Management, Space Management, Capital Investment and Installation Master Planning, and Energy Management); Accountable Property and Support Services (Personal Property Accountability, Mail, Postage, Printing, Graphics, Shipping/Receiving); Environmental, Safety, and Health; Information Management (Privacy, Disclosure, and Records); and other services to enable FEMA’s mission success.

Eric directs an annual budget of $108 million, including $69 million in rent, $28 million in program funding, and $11 million in salary and benefits. He manages 140 full-time staff, an additional 62 disaster safety cadre reservists, as well numerous support contractors.

Eric oversees the Agency’s real property portfolio consisting of 255 buildings and structures totaling 6 million square feet of owned and leased warehouse and office space nationwide with an estimated replacement value of $1.1 billion. Eric partners with customers and stakeholders in the planning of capital investments for owned real property with a replacement value of $493 million and a footprint of 2 million square feet across 419 acres.
Since 2015, Eric has been a leader in the Agency’s Workplace Transformation Initiative that has resulted in the reorganization and optimization of 321,000 square feet of office space, with a cost savings of $9.8 million, and projected cost avoidance exceeding $11.5 million.

In addition to his steady-state responsibilities, Eric serves as Deputy Chief, Resources Support Section, in the National Response Coordination Center during the response to major disasters. In this role, Eric provides executive-level leadership and support in the areas of emergency response and logistics to impacted disaster survivors.
Prior to his current position, Eric served in several other leadership positions at FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters, on the Homeland Security Staff at the White House, as well as in the private sector.
Eric holds an M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College and a B.S. in Urban Affairs with a minor in Political Science from Wright State University.

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