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Engaging with Stakeholders and the Public

Stakeholder engagement and information sharing are effective tools in the dam owner “toolkit”. Dam safety should include stakeholders at all levels including state, local, and federal government agencies, private entities, nonprofit agencies, and, most importantly, dam owners.  Wherever possible, communication and sharing of information should be encouraged to avoid duplication of efforts, better manage limited resources, and create greater efficiency. These efforts ultimately enable the dam safety community to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover more effectively and create more resilient communities.

Engaging with Stakeholders and the Public

There are many resources dam owners can share with their stakeholders and the public to engage in dam safety conversations. Here are a few:

  • Living with Dams: Know Your Risk - This booklet is designed to help answer questions about dams: what purposes they serve, associated risks, guidance for those living near dams, and where to find further information. The booklet provides a general overview of dams and dam safety, and answers the following questions: Why should I care about dams? What are the risks associated with dams? Could I be affected by a dam? What is the dam failure flood inundation area? Once I determine that my property is in a dambreak inundation area, what's next?

  • Whole Community: Planning for the Unthinkable Tabletop Exercise - This downloadable Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is an interactive exercise, complete with accompanying facilitator’s notes and scripted video injects. It allows organizations to look at the first 72 hours of a response to a catastrophic disaster and brainstorm innovative ways to fill critical gaps in both internal and community emergency management plans. In addition to examining immediate response capabilities, the exercise modules focus specifically on the areas of crisis communications and search and rescue.

  • FEMA RiskMAP Community Engagement Overview Fact Sheet - In this factsheet, learn about Risk MAP’s community engagement guiding principles and the series of approaches that will occur during each Risk MAP project from the time the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sequences a project through the final community meeting. These guiding principles and activities can be good tools to inform dam owner community engagement activities.

  • USACE Risk Management Center: A Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies - This guidebook is designed for people involved with providing messages and information to the public during times of impending flooding from dams and levees. It provides guidance and best practices on effective communication with the impacted public during emergencies.

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