U.S. Department of Homeland Security Personnel Accountability System Implementation

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NOTE: During the roll-out of the implementation phase of the Personnel Accountability System it is anticipated there will be issues discovered and corrected.  For any issues or problems encountered, e-mail a description of the problem to FEMA-Enterprise-Service-Desk.


MEMORANDUM FOR:       All FEMA Employees

FROM:                              Jason McNamara
                                         Chief of Staff

SUBJECT:                          U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Personnel Accountability System (PAS) Implementation

Federal Continuity Directive 1 mandates that all Federal departments and agencies must have the capability to account for all personnel. DHS, in partnership with the FEMA Operations Center and FEMA Chief Information Officer, developed a Department-wide Personnel Accountability System. PAS leverages the existing Emergency Notification System capabilities for a comprehensive accountability solution for all DHS employees.  FEMA is designated as the first DHS Agency to use PAS in a pilot and testing program. It is important to remember that PAS is not for alert and activation. Rather, it is a way to quickly and efficiently ascertain the status of DHS personnel. PAS is not a replacement or supplement for ADD.

Currently the FEMA Incident Workforce Management Office is lead for PAS implementation and deployment. This responsibility will transition to the Office of Chief Component Human Capital Officer in the near future. OCCHCO will work with the Office of External Affairs to provide additional guidelines and training materials. 

All FEMA personnel are required to participate in the PAS. This responsibility includes maintaining accurate contact information via the PAS Self Registration Portal and the National Finance Center. The SRP contains device contact information such as a cell phone number, home phone, and e-mail address(es). The SRP is available now at https://pas.dhs.gov and all FEMA employees should ensure their data is entered prior to March 15. You will need the following information to sign in and enter your device contact information in the PAS SRP.  You must update your work email address upon initial login.

  • Your SRP login name is the same one you use for WebTA.
  • Your temporary password is created using the following algorithm.  An example is shown below:
    • first name first character upper case:  Mickey
    • last name first character lower case:  disney
  • Two (2) numbers representing month of birth date:  02
  • Two (2) numbers representing day of birth date:  25
  • Two (2) numbers representing the last two (2) years of birth date:  45
  • And last two of your Social Security Number (SSN):  21
  • An example password is:  Md#12254521

Tests are currently underway to the PAS to ensure the system is functioning properly.  You can expect to receive one or more test “orders to account” from the system in the near future.

The PAS application is available by accessing the following link:  PAS.DHS.gov.  Additional information such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Fact Sheets, and PAS overview can be found by accessing: DHSConnect.dhs.gov.

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