Tony Robinson Named as FEMA Region 6 Administrator

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By Stephanie Moffett, FEMA Region 6 Public Affairs Specialist
Tony Robinson at the podium

Denton, Texas – 1/16/13 – Tony Robinson holds his first region-wide staff meeting as the new FEMA Region 6 Administrator. Photo by FEMA/Earl Armstrong 

Tony Robinson recently held an All-Hands meeting with Region 6 employees, where he outlined the regional priorities for 2013 and also recognized a number of people for their years of federal government service.

“I am very excited to be working alongside all of you in this new capacity,” said Robinson. “I am excited at the possibilities that await us in 2013. I know that, together, we will chart a course for success and will all work hard to support the disaster survivors and Emergency Management/Homeland Security stakeholders in our five states.” 

Robinson has been with FEMA since 1987. He had served as the FEMA Region 6 Acting Administrator since May 2012, and was named FEMA Region 6 Deputy Administrator in January 2012. Robinson also previously held the position of FEMA Region 6 Recovery Division Director, where he was responsible for the administration of recovery programs in the five regional states – Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Robinson is the first Career Regional Administrator at FEMA Region 6. He fills the position which was vacated by previous Regional Administrator Tony Russell in May of last year, when Russell was named Superintendent of FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.


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