Sequestration update: March 2

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March 2, 2013

MEMORANDUM FOR:   All Employees

FROM: Rafael Borras, Under Secretary For Management


On March 1, the President signed the Sequestration Order providing final instructions on how budget reductions will be made in each federal agency. The Department’s Chief Financial Officer is coordinating closely with Components to ensure that Sequestration Plans are amended, if needed, to achieve the savings targets provided by the Office of Management and Budget in the final Sequestration Order.

In the coming week, you will receive additional information about cost reduction measures planned for your Component. At this early stage, I would like to stress some specific points:

  • The guiding principle during this period of budget reductions is Mission First. Components are taking all possible steps to preserve our ability to fulfill our highest-priority mission activities.
  • All employees are expected to report to work, as normal, during sequestration. If there are any changes to employee schedules, you will be notified by your Component.
  • Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of public service will not be affected by implementation of Sequestration. In the coming days, the Department will work closely with Components to address requirements and challenges that arise. That said, please be assured that we will continue to keep you fully informed.

Thank you for your service to the American people, and for your dedication to the DHS mission.

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