Region VI Mitigation presents “You Rock!” award

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Region VI Mitigation employees created the “You ROCK!” award -- symbolized by the Guitar of Honor -- to recognize one-another and an individual’s Rock Star Quality Performance. The award is presented during Region VI Mitigation Division All-Hands meetings in Denton, Texas.Photo of Diana Herrera with the You ROCK guitar.

Diana Herrera, floodplain management and insurance specialist was presented the “You ROCK” award at the most recent Region VI All Hands meeting. The award was created by the staff for the staff. Recognition takes only a moment and can be as simple as “thank you!”  Try it!  The results may surprise you!

Previous awardees were Julia Walsh, emergency management assistant, and followed by Whitney Winchester, a local hire. Each recipient of the Guitar of Honor decides who among their peers ROCKS and then passes it on!!  They choose the reasons, it could be personal or professional and it could be passed on to any person at any level or program within the division. 

There is one requirement -- before handing over the Guitar of Honor, the current recipient should leave his or her“mark” on the guitar. Perhaps sign their name, use a sticker to symbolize their tenure, tie on a ribbon, glue on some bling, etc. 

Currently there is a London Double Decker Bus sticker in honor of Julia’s English heritage and Whitney had an embroidered guitar strap made to honor the memory of Rob Connell a fallen Mitigator.

What will Diana emblazon the guitar with?  It’s anyone’s guess.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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