President taps FEMA attorney for promotion to Navy Reserve Rear Admiral

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Offical military photo of Kent DavisThe legal counsel for the Center for Domestic Preparedness, who also serves in the Navy Reserve, has been nominated by President Obama for appointment to the rank of rear admiral and the duties of the Navy’s Vice Chief of Information, Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta announced earlier this month.

Kent Davis, an Anniston resident, is assigned to FEMA’s Office of Chief Counsel, in Washington. He has worked at the CDP since 2006.

“This is a wonderful achievement,” said Thomas Balint, Jr., Davis’ supervisor and FEMA’s Associate Chief Counsel for Protection and National Preparedness. “He is definitely the right choice. If he puts half the effort into his Navy duties as he does his FEMA duties, the Navy will definitely get more than they even hoped for.”

In his military reserve role, Davis is assigned as the deputy assistant chief of information for the Pentagon. In November, he returned from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan where he served as director of public affairs for the combined joint interagency task force in charge of detainee operations.

“This is a huge achievement and everyone here at the CDP is very proud of Kent,” said James E. Smith CDP superintendent. “Kent is a model of outstanding public service, both as a member of the FEMA/CDP team and as a member of the Navy Reserve.”

Davis was commissioned as a Navy officer in 1986. In 1994, after eight years of active duty, he transferred to the Navy Reserve while pursuing a law degree at Georgia State University. After graduating magna cum laude and passing the bar in 1998, he returned to active duty via interservice transfer to the U.S. Army JAG Corps, where he was promoted to major. In 2001, Davis returned to the Navy Reserve. Since then, he has served in several public affairs officer positions, including U.S Central Command with which he deployed to Qatar in 2006.

“I am honored by this nomination. This was very much a team effort,” Davis said. “The CDP and the Office of Chief Counsel have always supported me when I’ve had Reserve commitments. Several of the CDP staff also serve in the Guard or Reserve. The leadership constantly demonstrates its employer support for those service members.”

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