Mandatory Transit Benefit Recertification

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Please note that this memo is strictly for recertification purposes.  The Transit Subsidy Benefits program is waiting for direction on the subject of increased benefits. We appreciate your patience.

Beginning Feb. 1-15, FEMA’s Transit Subsidy Benefit Program will conduct its annual recertification process.

All FEMA employees participating in the transit program are required to recertify by COB, February 15, 2013.  All changes will become effective April 1, 2013.  Participants who do not recertify will be withdrawn from the transit program.  New employees who submitted a transit application in January are not required to recertify.

Transit benefit allocation is based on actual transportation cost, therefore all FEMA employees participating in the transit program are required to recertify.  Recertification is required whether or not there are changes to the benefit level.

  • It is the employee’s responsibility to report any factors that might affect the employee’s benefit. Such factors include but are not limited to, extended leave periods; changes in residence; changes in commuting routes; job site location; telework; and alternate work schedule (AWS).
  • Example of Cost Calculations:
  • Regular work schedule (8 hours per day): 21 x daily round trip fare
  • Compressed work schedule (9 hours per day): 19 x daily round trip fare
  • Telework Schedule: List actual days commuting to/from home to workplace

Additionally, during the recertification process, all FEMA National Capital Region (NCR) employees commuting to/from the workplace via VRE/MARC and utilizing services through Commuter Direct must update their account with Commuter Direct to reflect any increase/decrease in subsidies.


  • Complete FEMA Form 254-1-1,
  • Select Recertification in Action Requested Field
  • Enter FY 2013 Transit Benefit Annual Recertification in subject line when submitting form via email
  • NCR employees must indicate if a new SmarTrip card number is being used
  • NCR employees must indicate if a split disbursement is required; cost for each Mode of Transportation should be broken down.
  • Supervisor’s signature is required for recertification
  • NCR employees must email completed applications to or to the assigned NCR Transit Coordinator listed below.
  • Regional employees must email completed applications to the assigned Regional Transit Coordinator listed below.



Email Address


NCR- Crystal City Only

Elan Darlington


NCR- Hyattsville NPSC Only

Roland Washington


NCR- GPD Employees Only

Stacey Lymus


NCR- NPD Employees Only

Tanya Scipio


Region 1

Ann Marie Wells


Region 2

Yvonne Colon


Region 3

Susan Houtz


Region 4

Patricia Dubose


Region 5

DeVonya Mims


Region 7

Willetta Gill


Region 8

Jeanette Mitchell


Region 9

Adrien Ashlie


Region 10

Melissa Spain



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