Logistics rolls out new technology tools for reservists

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By Matt Boyle, Logistics Chief DR-4080

New mobile technology tools were issued on a large-scale for disaster reservists during FEMA’s response to Hurricane Isaac. FEMA reservists were assigned one government-issued laptop computer, smartphone, and “log-in token” to enable a wireless connection to the FEMA network. Reservists will retain this equipment after demobilization in order to maintain access to ongoing official agency communications following a disaster.Photo of Matt Boyle, Logistics Section chief showcasing new technology to two women.

Matt Boyle, Logistics Section chief, and his team located at FEMA’s Joint Field Office in Baton Rouge, La., anticipated a need to familiarize reservists with the new technology and completed the monumental task of issuing, training and connecting 1,250 reservists with laptops, smartphones, and log-in tokens in one week. The Baton Rouge Logistics team was essential to implementing the new approach, which allows for a much quicker “start-up connection phase,” after reservists are called into action and must quickly establish wireless connections to the FEMA network to access critical agency communications.

Boyle and his team will continue one-on-one outreach efforts to help strengthen reservists’ technology proficiency which will allow them to hit the ground running on their next mission.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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