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OVERVIEW: The DHS Intelligence Enterprise Professional Development Team is pleased to inform the workforce about three courses sponsored and delivered by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, through its Intelligence Learning Network. The following courses are available to permanent, full-time and CORE employees working in the Intelligence Community.

COURSE TOPICS/ELIGIBILITY:  Note-All applicants must be permanent, full-time or CORE employees.

  • Understanding the Intelligence Community - (For those new to the Intelligence Community)
  • This entry-level course blends an online collaborative exploration of material on the threat environment as the context for understanding the Intelligence Community and intelligence integration, with a four-day learning and networking event. Participants learn as an interagency team, sharing their perspectives with colleagues from across the IC.
  • Intelligence officers from every career path who are new to the Community (less than 5-years) will find this program highly beneficial in understanding the global threat environment; national security and the whole of government-authorities and responsibilities; intelligence priorities and capabilities; intelligence oversight; and the importance of civil liberties and privacy.

Note: The online component will require two-to-three hours of course work per week over a three-week period. The classroom component takes place over four-days in Chantilly, Va.

  • Integrating the Intelligence Community - (Open to GS-13-15 and Equivalent Employees)
  • This course is framed by the National Intelligence Strategy. The four-week IIC program blends a 14-day online component with a four-day in-residence program. Through a combination of online learning, resident presentations, facilitated discussions, and exercises, participants collaboratively explore the context behind integration; the authorities and directions that shape it; the strategies, conditions, and initiatives that guide it; and the emerging opportunities for its use.
  • Note: The online component will require two-to-three hours of course work per week over a three-week period. The residential component takes place in Chantilly, Va.
  • Leading the Intelligence Community - (Open to Senior Executives)
  • This program is designed to engage participants to think strategically and creatively in partnership with our federal, state, local and private sector partners. The curriculum focuses on enhancing leadership and broadening influences over integration and collaboration across the Intelligence Community.
  • The course has three distinct parts: a plenary week at ODNI, an in-residence week at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and a TDY week to a major U.S. city to see first-hand examples of intelligence integration in the field.

Note: Your office, directorate or region is responsible for portions of your travel expenses; see “funding” listed below.

DATES:  Please review the course schedule at for available dates. You may also obtain the schedule by visiting the DHS SharePoint site and then clicking on “Intelligence Community Programs 2013 Schedule.” A number of slots are allocated to DHS per course/session. The Professional Development Team is responsible for managing the slots.

ENROLLMENT:  Submit SF-182 and ranked list of top three course sessions to I&AProfessionalDevelopment, attn: Nicholas Stark by March 15. Please DO NOT sign up directly through ODNI.

FUNDING:  The applicants office, directorate or region are responsible for all travel expenses associated with attendance in the UIC and IIC courses; tuition costs are funded through DHS. For attendance to the LIC, the applicant’s office, directorate or region will be responsible for portions of the travel expenses incurred. Your organization must cover your travel cost to and from the University of Michigan; however, tuition, meals, and lodging once at the University are paid by ODNI. Travel expenses to attend the Intelligence Integration component of LIC is also the responsibility of your office, directorate or region.

For additional information: please email I&AProfessionalDevelopment or call 202-292-9222.

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