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According to the Office of Personnel Management’s Washington, Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures, employees may: 

  • Use annual leave, earned compensatory time off, earned credit hours, or leave without pay; or
  • Telework from home on a non-telework day, if the employee has a telework agreement in place that is approved for unscheduled telework. (as permitted by their agency's policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements).
    • Please note: Non-emergency employees must notify their supervisor of their intent to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework.

Due to recent inclement weather, we are reminding FEMA employees to use the following webTA transaction codes to indicate unscheduled leave, and unscheduled telework due to inclement/hazardous weather: 

  • Unscheduled Telework – Employees should use WebTA transaction code 01- Telework Home
  • Unscheduled Leave – Employees should use WebTA transaction codes
    • Annual Leave; 61
    • Sick Leave; 62
    • Comp Time Used; 64
    • Credit Hours Used; 50
    • Delayed Arrivals – Employees who report to the office under the delayed arrival notice from OPM should use webTA transaction:
    • Administrative Leave – Hazardous Weather; 66

Note: Non-emergency employees may request supervisory approval to change their alternate work schedule day off or rearrange their work hours under a flexible work schedule or request annual or sick leave if they meet the qualifying conditions under law, OPM regulations, and follow their agency's policies and procedures.

Timekeepers should work with their designated time and attendance organizations representative (TA Org Reps). If you or your TA organization representative has questions, please contact Pay & Compensation Customer Support Unit at 1-866-896-8003 or email

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02/20/2013 - 15:59
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